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Palace Square: Museums, Saint-Petersburg

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The city’s central square and one of the world’s most perfect architectural ensembles: it includes the Winter Palace, the General Staff Headquarters and the Alexander Column. The General Staff Headquarters was designed by K. Rossi and built in 1819—1829: it is a majestic edifice consisting of two wings connected in the centre by a mighty archway, which is crowned by a triumphal chariot of Victory (the sculpture is about 10 metres high and weighs 16 tonnes). The Alexander Column was designed by A. Montferrand as a monument to Russia’s military glory (1832—1834): the figure of the angel is the work of sculptor B. Orlovsky. The column is made from a single piece of granite and weighs 600 tonnes; the total height of the column with the base and the statue is 47.5 metres.


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